WELCOME to the 28th Wine Auction.
It is a tribute to everyone involved that such a large part of our industry and local community has united around this exciting endeavour. The Gately Rotary Trust is mandated to raise money to support a host of beneficiaries. A major new fundraiser with international support is the Early Childhood Development Programme. Through your generosity and support, we will be able to create magic and change the lives of those less fortunate than us. Let’s have a great time and contribute to making a real difference by digging deep.

Gately Rotary Annual Wine Auction



Download the Rotary Gately WINE Catalogue 2019

The annual Wine Auction of the Gately Rotary Club is a prestige event on the Club’s fundraising calendar and is very well supported by numerous wine estates in the Western Cape.

The auction is held under the leadership of well known wine connoisseur, Michael Fridjhon, who acts as the Auctioneer, whilst an enthusiastic East London community participate eagerly in the auction.

Gately Rotary Flagship Project



Rise Against Hunger Vrij Harry Youth Leadership


The Gately Rotary Club has aligned its Vision with that of the Rotary Foundation by focussing on large, sustainable projects with measurable outcomes. Early Childhood Development has been identified as such a project. The funds for these projects are derived from generous contributions from our donors of quality wines that are sold during the annual wine auction.

Gately Rotary Club has collaborated with a number of East London Clubs and other Clubs in the USA, together with the Rotary Foundation, to invest R4 million in the education of 50 ECD Practitioners, impacting the lives of some 4000 pupils on an annual basis. The investment in the development of these children, ranging from 18 months to 6 years, affords them much needed opportunities to excel and compete effectively at school, with improved emotional, physical, social and mental capabilities.

Funds have also been made available for Mentoring and Capacity building within these ECD Centres, together with Positive Parenting, Educational Toys and much needed Furniture and Equipment.

Joint Aid Management (JAM) sponsored by KFC and Rise Against Hunger initiatives have invested substantially in providing nutritious meals for the children at these centres on a daily basis. Most of the stock for this initiative is being stored at the Gately Distribution Centre, another Quantum Leap Project, funded by the Gately Rotary Club.

Gately Rotary Club has also identified and invested substantially in the Development of Youth Leadership as well as educational and support programmes for Abused Women and Children.

All funds raised are held in Trust, whilst a Board of Trustees act as custodians of these funds and oversee the distribution thereof to worthy recipients in line with the Motto of Service Above Self.

Happy Children Happy Helpers